Dr. Sparky Get Well Greeting Card


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This silly get well card is sure to make anyone feel better. The front of the card features a photographic illustration of a Golden Retriever wearing glasses, a stethoscope, and a doctor's jacket. With a red foil border and accents, the card reads Dr. Sparky recommends his tried-and-true, Get Well Quick remedy: 1. Drink plenty of toilet water. 2. Bark loudly for no reason. 3. Lick someone's face. 4. Chase squirrels.The inside continues with 5. Eat grass until you throw up. But if that doesn't work, just follow your own doctor's orders, and Feel Better Soon! Made in the USA, the card is printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks and includes a white envelope. Dr. Sparky knows what he's talking about and will certainly lift the spirits of any ailing loved one.